Where Guys Can Party Together In Miami Florida?

If you look into the top party destinations in the world, you would find that Miami continuously features in that list year in and year out and why it, shouldn’t with over 300 night clubs in the city, it is impossible to find so many other options in any other city. We would be today discussing some of the most popular night clubs and party venues in Miami.

1. Mokai

The Motto of the place says it all “Bite Me. Spank Me. Tease Me”. This motto is coupled with the high ratio of women to men, which makes it really worthwhile to stand in the long queues to enter the club. The club is dominated by the Asian crowd and is famous for its ample sitting arrangement and food and drinks.

2. Slap & Tickle

If the sports bar coupled with some great music is your idea of party then this place is perfect for you as it provides you with the option of bowling as well as pool and also, if you head to the other side of the property, you can opt to hit the dance floor especially with some strippers in Miami. It is always one of the best places to find yourself a companion after a night of party if you know what we mean.

3. Basement

Not many nightclubs in Miami occupy the basement and in this regard, this place is definitely unique but there is definitely more to this place then just being located in the basement. You get plenty on choices when you head to this club ranging from the bowling alley to a skating ring and a nightclub as well. All these are interconnected with each other, which means that you do not have to move out of the property to go into the different sections. Coupled with the great music system in the nightclub and the vast disco hanging ball adding to the ambiance, this is a place which you would not forget easily. It is the perfect place to indulge in many different activities in single premises.

So, depending on your idea of the perfect party venue, you might find any of the above 3 options perfect for exotic strip dancers shows, as each of these options offers you something unique and different from the other option which ensures that even if you are looking for multiple venues, you would not be short of options.