Useful Tips Every Event Planner Should Know When Negotiating Hotel Contracts

Hotels are becoming a popular venue for conducting corporate and special business events. Offering a multiple year contract with hotels/ resorts is a fabulous method to negotiate the price and also avail special perks such as free suites and conference rooms. There are several recognized hotels that provide a wide range of spaces and an easy means to host multiple day events. Before getting started, there are a few rules that event planners need to know prior to booking a hotel.

Rules when negotiating a hotel contract

  • Never accept the very first offer that you get. Talking to the hotel managers can help your business to bring down the price and also offer additional benefits.
  • The primary objective of a hotel is to enhance occupancy rate. The right method to leverage a wonderful offer is to work towards meeting this goal.
  • The larger the size of the sleeping room, the lower will be its price. Make sure you make the right estimate so that all guests are accommodated properly. If you are planning to conduct any business conference, then visitezcom. It offers superior quality arrangements and takes the best care of tiniest detail of the event to make it successful.

  • Ensure that you know about brand power and reputation of the event planning group. It is needed that you provide details of the number of participants at the event, and big sponsorships, any.

What type of research is needed to negotiate a hotel contract?

To negotiate on the price requires you to perform an extensive research. Only when you are informed, you would be able to negotiate on the price effectively.


After getting the first offer, visit the website of the hotel and check the rates of sleeping rooms at the date of your event. This will help in negotiation with the hotel.

Venue space

Read reviews regarding the venue online. Know about the details of the meeting place including the strong and weak zones of the venue. Use the weaknesses to negotiating down the price.

Counter offers

Compare the different offers you get from other hotels to get the best price and obtain highest number of advantages.


Your business event planning team is responsible to frame all types of negotiations in regards to your business. Each contract is then viewed as an assured value in exchange for concessions. These tips will surely result in assured profit and a boost in the occupancy rate.