Top 3 Sources to Buy a Used Car in Bangalore

With the increase in the demand for used cars in Bangalore, the number of places that sell them has also increased. But not all of them are ideal enough. Here are the best places from where to buy used Renault Duster in Bangalore.

Buy/Sell Apps

The digital generation of Bangalore would definitely find the online option far more convenient and trustworthy. Here is why:

  • You get wide variety of cars to choose from.
  • The cars are certified for usability.
  • You can interact with a seller directly to find out more about the car before you meet them in person.
  • There are dispute resolution facilities available.

Digital Marketplace

These are digital platforms that are primarily operated by start-ups and offer a more comprehensive service. The benefits of these platforms are:

  • They offer end-to-end service that involves acquisition of car, arrange for finance, getting the post-sale legal paperwork done, getting the car re-registered, and even help with renewal of insurance policies.
  • They connect genuine buyers with genuine sellers of the used cars.
  • They offer free car valuation services that can be used by sellers and buyers.
  • They sell cars that are inspected and certified for sale.
  • In case of warranties, they help with the transfer of the warranties as well.

Car Company’s Showroom

This is the third most preferred place for people to buy a second hand Renault car from. The cars available here are priced a little higher but there are good reasons for that. The benefits of buying a car from here are:

  • The cars are serviced as per the company’s standards which improves its condition.
  • In case of damaged parts, they are replaced with genuine company parts.
  • The service and the replaced parts come with warranties for the buyer of the used car.