From Bored to Board: How Gaming Saved Family Night

If you think Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, or Race for the Galaxy are the latest blockbuster films in an action hero franchise, think again.  They are the titles of board games, and not the online, app on your smart phone version.  What’s more, they, along with many other versions of board games are gaining popularity or making a comeback.  Experts say family game night, when the brood disconnects and puts the smart phones, tablets and Xbox gadgets away has seen a resurgence in recent times as Millennials shy away from the tuned-out, turned-off, tech-hungry stereotype they are often associated with.  Instead of texting or phoning it in from the basement or great room, board games allow the family to get up close and personal and the trend is gaining momentum.

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Globally, sales of games and puzzles soared over $9.3 billion to upwards of $9.6 billion last year.  Needless to say, if necessity is the mother of invention, she has a lot more kids now.  In Europe, new games and puzzles are sprouting up so fast, whole cafes are devoted to them.  One, called the Settlers of Catan has such a strong following, over 18 million units have been sold worldwide.   Players say they like the game because of the social interaction it requires, and that it emphasizes social skills and win-win scenarios.  Even classic board games like Scrabble and Monopoly are a great way to entertain and interact with family members, because bonding occurs as golden memories are made.  The kids will always remember how Grandpa pulled off that card trick and cheated long after they’ve forgotten who had the high score on some video game.  Besides, older members of the family can easily be included and will love teaching their youngsters timeless games like Monopoly or European style Catan.  In contrast, they might not ever learn to use a video gaming device.