Dosage and side effects of Deca Durabolin

Misuse of any steroids is disastrous physically, emotionally and financially. A lot of effort is being put into high school curriculums to educate and raise awareness. Although there are no easy alternatives to taking steroids spreading the word about the negative effects and the downside to taking them helps young athletes make wiser choices. No drug is worth sacrificing a good name, and hard work for. Getting to the top form requires dedication, hard work and constant and consistent practice and no drug can ever equal that. This is why one should grab a complete knowledge about the drug like Deca Durabolin before starting it. From knowing the drug to its dosage, the side effects, the stacking options and choices to precautions; everything is important.

DECA – the dosage

One can continue using Deca after their cycle and this will help them in reducing the side effects at 30mg per day for a cycle of six days a week for four week. Along with this, one need to have protein rich food. Know more about the harmful effects for bodybuilding before getting started.

Side Effects:

Although the obvious side effects especially for athletes are being caught, banned and fined there is a deeper layer at play here. Some athletes get addicted to the drugs, and face the consequences such as emotional problems. Long term use can cause tumors, infertility, high BP and many more medical issues. The drugs affect men and women differently in the sense men could lose male characteristics and gain a few female characteristics and vice versa.

The biggest risk is the loss of the title earned if caught but this hasn’t stopped world class athletes from taking steroids. We often hear about athletes lashing out, their partners dealing with their violent tempers – often the targets resulting in more legal hassles. Depression, aggression and suicide are often some of the sombering effects of prolonged usage.

Prolonged usage also results in damage to the liver, heart issues, cancer and yet none of these seem to put a damper on the number of athletes that turn to these drugs. Athletes are spurned on to use PEDs to create a mark, to get to the top, to take a shortcut even if it means dealing with the possibility of addiction and abuse. These drugs are known to show the effects for upto a year after the abuser has stopped using it.

Athletes that have been through the cycle of abuse and struggled to recover sometimes give talks in schools to educate the young students about the debilitating effects steroid misuse can cause and encourage them from staying away from it. The recovery path is usually extremely hard and requires mental and physical therapy. Steroid abusers speak about loss of loved ones because of their irregular behavior patterns, irritability and impaired judgment. The recovery also involves family support, years of therapy and dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. Athletes have often denied using drugs and resulted in facing steep fines, being dropped from campaigns, loss of sponsors. Although they might be using because they have been influenced, when they are caught they are forced to face the steam alone.